June 2015

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By Heather Elise Duge via Children’s HealthSM     1. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development manifested in early childhood. These disorders are characterized by difficulties in social communication, such as verbal or nonverbal communication skills and social interaction skills, and the presence of restricted and repetitive behaviors. It also is important to know that ASD is a heterogeneous group of disorders meaning that it impacts each individual differently. Taking the time to get to know each individual is crucial to understanding how ASD impacts him or herRead More →

By Becca Eisenberg I recently had a conversation with a caseworker regarding individuals who are non-verbal. I asked her if any of the clients in the program receive speech and language services and she responded “Why would someone who is nonverbal need speech and language therapy? They can’t talk!” I explained to her what augmentative and alternative communication is and how important speech and language therapy can be for someone who is nonverbal. From my perspective as a speech language pathologist, it is crucial that someone who is limited with communication receive ongoing speech and language therapy so that they can learn to communicate their daily andRead More →

eKidzCare has been hard at work all month to help deliver the best possible care and service to families and children in Pennsylvania! The Lydia’s Love Moments Ice Cream Social was just one of the great events we loved participating in, with plenty more to come! Be sure to check out everything planned this month! eKidzCare loves to give a caring hand! Clickable links are below the newsletter!   RESOURCES List of eKidz Nursing Staff Available For New Cases Courageous Parents Network Grants for Vans for Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs Strategies for Remembering What You’re Looking For Take Five Respite Program Ronald McDonald House Charities SpringRead More →