July 2015

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By Melanie McKinnon via The Mighty When someone you love loses someone they love, it’s near impossible to know what to do for them. The first thing I said to the first person I told about the loss of my baby boy was, “I know, there’s nothing you can say.” I knew there were no words that would make me feel better and wanted to let her off the hook. My experience of losing my 5-week-old son to sudden infant death syndrome has taught me a few things about how to deal with other people who are dealing with loss. I’ve come up with a list ofRead More →

eKidzCare continues our hard work all month to help deliver the best possible care and service to families and children in Pennsylvania! eKidzCare loves to give a caring hand! Find news on some upcoming events, a list of available nurses, and some more information on our friends over at Zachary’s Mission! Clickable Links Can Be Found Below The Newsletter! Available Nurse: http://www.ekidzcare.com/…/upl…/2015/07/Available-Nurses.pdf Reagan’s Journey Pool Party:https://www.facebook.com/events/703062489837491/ Ryder’s Great Journey Bake Sale:https://www.facebook.com/events/703062489837491/ Journey By Grace: https://www.facebook.com/events/703062489837491/ 1st Annual Kornhole with Kelsey: http://www.ekidzcare.com/wp-conte…/uploads/2015/…/Kelsey.jpgRead More →