August 2015

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By Angelina Castleberry When my twins were born, I lived at the NICU. I was there about 18 hours a day. For the first four weeks, it was my home. But after the first month, I had to finally go home and “snap out of it.” I had to come to terms with the fact that my babies weren’t coming home with me anytime soon. I had to remember and realize that I have four other children at home waiting on me, depending on me and needing me. So I left. I went home. I would make arrangements to be at the NICU either every otherRead More →

Another great month here at eKidzCare! Plenty of great causes to support and lots of fun still left to be had! Don’t forget to check out our list of available nurses for your needs!   Available Nurse:…/upl…/2015/08/Available-Nurses.pdf Reagan’s Journey Outdoor Challenge: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Annual Heart-to-Heart Family Picnic: Zachary’s Mission Second Chance Walk: More →

By Jacquline Terry via The Mighty After I received my daughter Jasmine’s diagnosis of urea cycle disorder (UCD), the first thing I thought was, “Great, now I know what’s wrong with her and we can fix this.” But I also panicked: “Oh my gosh… I have a kid with a medical condition.” People might tell you it’s great to have a diagnosis, but then they go on with their lives and what do you do? Yes, I have a “diagnosis,” but now what? What’s going to happen? What am I going to do? How will this affect our lives? How do I tell my family and friends? HowRead More →