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Whether it is for an overnight stay or a longer admission, preparing a child for a hospitalization can be stressful for families. Parents often are unsure how much to tell their children in advance and may worry about increasing children’s anxiety by providing too much or the wrong kind of information. They may worry about how to keep children as calm and comfortable as possible while they are in the hospital, or how to keep them connected to family, friends and school during that time. However, the good news is that medical teams, including mental health providers, who work with hospitalized children on a regularRead More →

By Stephanie O. When I called my OB the Friday before Christmas because I had an excruciating headache, she told me to go to the hospital and get my blood levels checked. When we got there, I was immediately admitted. The doctor said I was in liver failure and that it was time to start the induction to have my son. I was 35 weeks pregnant, had no hospital bag packed, the nursery wasn’t finished and I just kept thinking, It’s too soon. A doctor from NICU came to see us to discuss all of the possible complications that could come with having a late-term preemie. Everything she saidRead More →

“Cooper is 6 years old and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He was born in Chattanooga, TN with his intestines on the outside of his stomach. After surgery, the intestines had to be shortened and Cooper became “Short-gut”. On March 12, 2012, Cooper received the call for his long-awaited transplant, in which, he received a small intestines and liver. Ever since, Cooper has been in and out of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and due to having issues absorbing nutrients with his new intestines and an episode of rejection, he is currently awaiting a second transplant. While he is out he enjoys going to school atRead More →

Of the many important jobs you have as a parent, helping your kids to develop a healthy and positive attitude can perhaps be one of the most challenging. You want them to be able to understand the world beyond them and to be grateful for the things they have, but how to go about instilling that mindset can leave many parents with more questions than answers. So how do you do this? Open, honest communication and asking your kids leading questions is a great place to start. This will allow them to open up and think critically about ideas, and you get to learn moreRead More →