January 2016

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By Ashley Bernier When my son Hartley was first diagnosed at 3 days old, I simply couldn’t believe this was happening. To be honest, I still have moments when I wonder why and how this could have happened to my sweet boy. The doctors explained how critically ill he was and how rare he was, and I had never been so scared in my entire life. I thought we were going to lose him. It was so difficult to get pregnant in the first place, and I really felt like he was all I had ever hoped for. Flash-forward almost seven years, and Hartley isRead More →

We would like to welcome our new Medical Director, Dr. Alicia Hartung, to the eKidz Family! Dr. Hartung, a pediatrician with Kids Plus, is well versed in the care for many of the conditions that our children and families face every day. Her skills and expertise will be invaluable to eKidzCare. Welcome aboard! Dr. Alicia J. Hartung, DO, IBCLC, FAAP Specializes in Pediatrics Board Certifications                                   Awards Pediatrics                                                              Health grades Honor Roll   ProceduresRead More →