Call it a humble brag, but we have some pretty amazing nurses and we can’t help but sing their praises. Check out some of the gratitude we’ve received from families that we work with. Discover more of the great things people have to say about eKidzCare on our TestimonialsRead More →

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Happy National Nurses Week! To celebrate, we’re hosting Ice Cream Socials near all of our offices in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Mingle with your fellow nurses and enjoy some ice cream on us! Cherry on top? We’re picking up the tab on cones for all nurses– not just eKidzCare nurses. Have a friend who’s a nurse? Bring them! Come celebrate National Nurses Week and enjoy a cone on us!Read More →

Know a nurse looking for work? Well, during the month of March, when you refer a nurse, you’ll pocket $400 if they’re on board by April 1. To refer a nurse, simply fill out this quick form and we’ll handle the rest! Refer a Nurse>>Read More →

By Rebecca Wolf McWilliams Via The Mighty Monday, February 29 was Rare Disease Day. In my wildest dreams, I never thought this day would hold such profound meaning for me. Yet when your beautiful child is born and swiftly diagnosed with a disorder that randomly affects one in 15,000 births, Rare Disease Day immediately becomes a permanent part of the fabric of your life. Lately it’s hard for me to imagine that there was a time when I had not heard of Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). It seems nearly impossible that I lived over two-thirds of my life completely ignorant to something that is now such a huge partRead More →

Via The Mighty “Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, Acquaintances and the Community: My child has been diagnosed with cancer. We’ll be in the hospital for months during treatment. Away from home. I know this news has shocked and upset you, but please don’t cry on my shoulder as I am unable to support you. Cry with me but not to me. We appreciate your thoughts even if I don’t reply to your texts, emails or messages. Answers to questions are hard to form in my mind, but I might manage a yes, no or thanks. Until we set up a social media portal to make news updates to you all,Read More →

By The Mighty Staff via The Mighty When someone you love becomes the parent of a preemie, you might feel an immediate need to reach out, to say or do something… anything. But you also might hesitate because what if your gesture isn’t really helpful? What if your attempt at comfort provides the very opposite? You want to help and do everything you can — so where do you begin? We reached out to our Facebook community and our Preemies community for advice on the best ways to show support and love to the parents of preemies. As one person pointed out, every experience is different, and what worksRead More →