Meet Cooper! The November eKid of the Month!

Meet Cooper! The November eKid of the Month!

Oakley & Coop

“Cooper is 6 years old and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He was born in Chattanooga, TN with his intestines on the outside of his stomach. After surgery, the intestines had to be shortened and Cooper became “Short-gut”. On March 12, 2012, Cooper received the call for his long-awaited transplant, in which, he received a small intestines and liver. Ever since, Cooper has been in and out of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and due to having issues absorbing nutrients with his new intestines and an episode of rejection, he is currently awaiting a second transplant. While he is out he enjoys going to school at Child’s Way, books, coloring, and anything Disney. He will be more than happy to tell you all he knows about Mickey Mouse and what kind of trouble his dog, Oakley, has gotten into.  He receives devoted and loving care from eKidzCare and his home nurses. His nurses have become our second family and the staff at eKidzCare have been incredible. It would take multiple lifetimes to thank them for all that they do.”

-Chelsey, Cooper’s mother


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