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How to apply for Medical Assistance for seriously ill or disabled children

Tips for filing for Medical Assistance

How to file for Social Security for your child

Disability Rights Network of PA  Complex Child is a monthly online magazine written by parents of children with special healthcare needs and disabilities.

Family Resource Guide     

Focus on the Family: Helping Families Thrive                                                                                                           

Friendship Circle – Blog  Allows children and young adults with special needs to enjoy the company of teenage and young adult volunteers in a full range of social activities.The Friendship Circle aims to enrich the lives of all participants through mutually advantageous interactions, creating lasting friendships which consequently strengthen both the Jewish and greater community.

How to Arrange for a Free Therapy Dog Home Visit

Pittsburgh Parent   Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and Website is committed to providing parents of infants through teens with information and resources to enhance all aspects of parenting and family life.

The Special Kids Network: Making Connections for Pennsylvania’s Children with Special Health Care Needs                 

Yellow Dot Program  Participants complete a personal information form, which includes the participant’s name, contact information, emergency contact information, medical history and medications, allergies and the participant’s doctors’ names. A photo – showing only the participant’s head and shoulders – is then taped to the front of the completed information sheet. The yellow dot decal provided in the program kit is placed in the lower left corner of the participant’s vehicle’s rear windshield. The decal should be no higher than 3 inches from the bottom of the windshield. This decal alerts first responders that vital information can be found in the vehicle.