If you are an RN or LPN looking for a new challenge or just want to supplement your current income working part-time, eKidzCare has rewarding positions available for you in our new Georgia locations! We look forward to working with you and helping your career reach new heights.

Enjoy a preview of some of our current nursing cases in Georgia. To learn about all of our cases and find a position that matches your schedule, apply below and we’ll get in touch!

Or email us at nursing@ekidzcare.com

Prefer to chat? Give us a call at 412-324-1025.

Select the Georgia office below to see a list of local cases —

eKidzCare West Chester, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Coopersburg, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Shippenville, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Schweuksville, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Reading, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Malvern, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Rimersburg, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Washington County, PA Mar, 30
eKidzCare Worthington, PA Mar, 30

Above are the current Nurse needs for the Georgia locations of eKidzCare. For additional details or to apply, contact us at 412-324-1025 or apply directly to a position here.

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