At eKidzCare, our clients are our mission. We take pride in the care and comfort of every client and are dedicated to both our client’s and nurse’s success.

We provide a wide variety of health care services including, but not limited to:

  • Hourly Shift Care
  • Skilled Nurse Visits
  • Tracheotomy Care & Ventilator Support
  • School Assistance
  • Home Health Aide & Personal Care
  • RN Monthly Supervision

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About Us

eKidzCare is a family-focused pediatric health care agency dedicated to providing high-quality, in-home pediatric health care services, for families in the community. We are recognized as a leader in providing medical home care to children with special needs. Using our experience and dedication to the pediatric healthcare industry, we make the lives of our children and families more comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilled.

The eKidzCare Team

At eKidzCare, we know that finding a compassionate, dedicated, and qualified care professional can be a difficult process. We also recognize when a match is made between a caregiver and a family, magic can happen. Each member of the eKidzCare team supports and upholds our core values to provide care with compassion, integrity, and trustworthiness.