We love our families and staff and they love what we do! Here is just a taste of some of the great things people have to say about eKidzCare!

“Our son Oliver has had the pleasure of having Miss Amber as his home health aid. She is loving, caring, fun, warm, and professional. She goes beyond her job duties regularly to work with our son on his physical therapy, speech and also with sign language. She will also bring in crafts to do with him to make therapy fun. Our son just adores and loves Miss Amber. It’s evident from the joy that comes to his eyes when she arrives, to the tears he expresses when she leaves. Oliver has shown so much progress since Miss Amber has been with us. If it weren’t for her I know my son wouldn’t be where he is today. Miss Amber has become a special part of our family and we couldn’t be happier with the wonderful one on one care he is receiving.” – Michelle F, Parent

“Throughout my time working for eKidz, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Each case provides new responsibilities and challenges me to learn and grow. Working with eKidz gives me a sense of joy to fulfill the special needs of each child. I encourage any individual who wants to fill the needs of special needs children to join our team of excellence!” – Fantasia Cindrich, HHA

“I went into the idea of home health care for my son feeling helpless and overwhelmed and hated the idea of people in and out of my house. From the moment I met eKidz, they have gone above and beyond for us. Simple things like visiting us in the hospital when Isaac was inpatient or bringing us treats and Isaac little toy proved that we weren’t just another family in the mix of their organization. The office is amazing as well as the staff! And the nurses that I have had are phenomenal and truly care about Isaac. If you are looking for a home health company, seriously this is it. eKidz is amazing.” – Ginny H, Parent

“eKidz provides both nurturing and nursing. They balance what is right for the employee with what is right for the family.” – Mona Pyles, LPN

“The eKidz office is warm and welcoming. I feel good every time I go there. I make it a point to go there just to see everybody.” – Paula Waid-Mangrum, LPN

“I love taking part in improving outcomes for my patient. I feel like I am part of his family. My heart is invested in my job.” – Janey Snyder, LPN

“Fantastic. Professional and courteous. Very pleased.” – Sean D.

“Other agencies have given me ‘attitude’ when I call. With eKidz, I get an immediate response to my calls. They are understanding and nice. They advocate for me.” – Roxanne Houston, LPN

“These ladies are amazing! They approach their jobs with profound ability, grace, and passion. eKidz nurses truly help critically ill children live their best lives at home.” – Jennifer

“We are so thankful for eKidz and the services they provide. Karen and Courtney on staff do a wonderful job making sure our family is happy and well taken care of. Thank you eKidz!” – Michelle