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Family Resources

eKidzCare families are faced everyday with special challenges and we encourage families to understand their child’s health condition and special needs requirements. eKidzCare provides our families with necessary tools to accept those challenges and we encourage our families to reach out to local and online support groups, understand local, state, and federal programs available, and to become an advocate for their child. In addition to the pediatric home healthcare we provide, we want to make sure our families have as many other resources as possible.

Choosing a Pediatric Home Healthcare Agency:

There are several important things to consider and questions to ask when considering a home healthcare agency for your child to ensure the best possible care. Common questions that arise during the referral process and upon admission are:
Do you specialize in a particular area of care or service?
Do you require a minimum number of hours?
What are your hiring standards and practices?
How do you assign an employee to a case?
What kind of training do you provide your staff?
What if I don’t like an employee you send?
Who do I call after normal business hours?
Who determines the Plan of Care?
Can I meet the employees who will be coming to my home?
What insurance do you accept?
Do you handle authorizations so there is no break in coverage?
Do you accept private pay?
Are your employees bonded and insured?