The eKidzCare Excel program is dedicated to training exemplary Registered Nurses who are dedicated to providing excellent care to our patient population and who strive to continue to grow within eKidzCare.

This program helps current eKidzCare nurse employees to excel in their Nursing career by opening opportunities of advancement to nursing supervisory roles in the organization.

Learn more about the program eligibility below.

This plan is available to the following person(s):
External RN Nursing Staff (Field Staff)

This plan applies to the following division:
eKidzCare Home Health Care

Eligibility Information:
The following describes the conditions and performance requirements for employees to be considered eligible:

  • Exemplary employee

  • Sound clinical judgment

  • Able to train in the office one full day a week (this requirement will increase in time)

  • Able to follow the Nursing Supervisors on the days they are scheduled to train (patient visits can fall outside of normal office hours)

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Must be able to travel to all counties cover by their local office