There are many reasons that we choose the types of nursing we work in – pay, fear, or personal experience. But oftentimes with pediatric home health care, there are fears that deter nurses. To combat those fears and break down the walls of pediatric nursing, we asked our employees the perceptions they hear about pediatric home health care. Every week, we’ll feature one of those fears and transform it with the reality of this rewarding career path. [March 2020, Campaign No longer active]

5 Tips for easing your relationship with the parents

When you’re a pediatric home health care nurse, the patient relationship extends to the child’s family. Depending on your experiences, this can be the best or worst part of a pediatric care case. Whether you want to improve the relationship with your patient’s parents, or are looking for help on a new pediatric case, these five tips will help ease the relationship.

  1. You are all part of the team

    You may have the medical experience, but parents are often a walking textbook on their child. Respect their knowledge and they will respect yours.

  2. Each parent is different

    An amazing connection with your last case doesn’t mean one for your next. Each parent is different both in how they communicate with the nurse and how they parent their child.

  3. They’ve put their trust in you

    Most difficulties with patient’s parents come from fear. It takes a lot from the parents to give up control and let someone come in and care for their child.

  4. Be optimistic

    A positive attitude can go a long way. Radiate positivity and you will see the positive side in every situation.

  5. Communication is key

    You’re documenting a lot of information, but keeping parents in the loop is just as important and will make them feel more involved in the medical care of their child.

When there’s a great relationship not just between you and the child, but the whole family, it elevates your enjoyment and the rewards you get in your work.

Enjoy some kind words from eKidzCare patient parents who see their pediatric care nurse as part of the family.

“I’m hoping I’m not too late in sharing with eKidz about our angel of a nurse, Katrina! As you know, I ADORE this God sent gift of a woman!!! She has gone WELL above and beyond to make sure Tanner is always VERY well taken care of, to make sure I’m doing ok, and truly cares about my whole family… She even has a very special good-bye routine with my 2-yr-old daughter every morning which includes a high five, fist bump, and a great big hug…every.single.morning. And to make sure Tanner doesn’t get jealous of his sister’s attention with Katrina, she always picks Tanner back up before leaving to give him one more hug and tells him to have a good day….even after the 8 hours she has already spent each night with him. My 9-year-old comes down for breakfast when she’s leaving and she always makes a point to say good morning and see how he’s doing. She cares immensely, and with her heart of gold, she makes my life SO much better, SO much smoother, calmer, and my mind at peace to sleep. I truly cannot say enough about Katrina, and I am SO PROUD she will be recognized for the incredible job she does and the amazing individual she is. Thank you eKidz, for providing us with answered prayers when Katrina comes for her shifts. She gives me so much peace of mind, and we are beyond blessed by having her here to take care of our very medically complex son. Just a few weeks ago 4/5 of us had pneumonia AND the flu. Did Katrina call out? NOPE! She was here every night of her scheduled shifts because “mom needs to sleep”. Like I said, she is truly a blessing in our life and I couldn’t be more grateful. THANK YOU KATRINA, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE!!!!!!” – Brittany F, Parent

“Our son Oliver has had the pleasure of having Miss Amber as his home health aid. She is loving, caring, fun, warm, and professional. She goes beyond her job duties regularly to work with our son on his physical therapy, speech and also with sign language. She will also bring in crafts to do with him to make therapy fun. Our son just adores and loves Miss Amber. It’s evident from the joy that comes to his eyes when she arrives, to the tears he expresses when she leaves. Oliver has shown so much progress since Miss Amber has been with us. If it weren’t for her I know my son wouldn’t be where he is today. Miss Amber has become a special part of our family and we couldn’t be happier with the wonderful one on one care he is receiving.” – Michelle F, Parent

“I went into the idea of home health care for my son feeling helpless and overwhelmed and hated the idea of people in and out of my house. From the moment I met eKidz, they have gone above and beyond for us. Simple things like visiting us in the hospital when Isaac was inpatient or bringing us treats and Isaac little toy proved that we weren’t just another family in the mix of their organization. The office is amazing as well as the staff! And the nurses that I have had are phenomenal and truly care about Isaac. If you are looking for a home health company, seriously this is it. eKidz is amazing.” – Ginny H, Parent

“It’s rewarding feeling great after work, feeling great after accomplishments, and having work parents say to me, ‘a nurse like you is hard to come by, way beyond nursing skills, you have perfectionism and caring that goes with.'” — Diane, eKidzCare LPN