Home health care is a tough job — but add in the innocence of a child and the medical complexities of pediatric home health care, and the stakes are even higher. But with this challenging career come rewards that compare to few professions.

eKidzCare Nurse, Katrina, with Tanner Rosebrook

You’re not just a skilled individual going to work, you’re a hero in the eyes of a child whose quality of life you’re improving. You’re not just clocking in and out at a facility, but becoming a part of a family for life.

Recently, one of the parents in our Lancaster office shared just how grateful she is for the home health care her son, Tanner, receives from our eKidzCare nurse.

“I’m hoping I’m not too late in sharing with eKidz about our angel of a nurse, Katrina! As you know, I ADORE this God-sent gift of a woman!!! She has gone WELL above and beyond to make sure Tanner is always VERY well taken care of, to make sure I’m doing ok, and truly cares about my whole family… She even has a very special good-bye routine with my 2-yr-old daughter every morning which includes a high five, fist bump, and a great big hug…every.single.morning. And to make sure Tanner doesn’t get jealous of his sister’s attention with Katrina, she always picks Tanner back up before leaving to give him one more hug and tells him to have a good day….even after the 8 hours, she has already spent each night with him. My 9-year-old comes down for breakfast when she’s leaving and she always makes a point to say good morning and see how he’s doing.

She cares immensely, and with her heart of gold, she makes my life SO much better, SO much smoother, calmer, and my mind at peace to sleep. I truly cannot say enough about Katrina, and I am SO PROUD she will be recognized for the incredible job she does and the amazing individual she is.

Thank you eKidz, for providing us with answered prayers when Katrina comes for her shifts. She gives me so much peace of mind, and we are beyond blessed by having her here to take care of our very medically complex son. Just a few weeks ago 4/5 of us had pneumonia AND the flu. Did Katrina call out? NOPE! She was here every night of her scheduled shifts because “mom needs to sleep”. Like I said, she is truly a blessing in our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. THANK YOU KATRINA, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE!!!!!!”

– Brittany Rosebrook, Parent

It’s easy to forget why we work so hard, but it’s reminders like this that make it all worth it. Congratulations to our Lancaster Employee of the Month, Katrina, and thank you to all of our nurses for the amazing work you do!

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