A Change for the Future

eKidzCare will look to the future to make home health care better than ever. We are evolving how we communicate, updating the software we use, and enhancing the care we provide.

This process began when eKidzCare Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jennie McClimans, PhD., started writing her dissertation for her doctorate program. The Vice President of eKidzCare at the time, Jennie wanted to focus her dissertation on home health and take a scientific and analytical approach to creating a better process. For two years, she took a deep dive into care coordination and how to improve communication between both home health agencies and caregivers. Through her discoveries, Jennie, in collaboration with eKidzCare CEO, Dwayne Spurlock, has put together a plan for success.

To increase our communication and documentation efficiency, eKidzCare has partnered with AlayaCare, a cloud-based home health care software provider that creates efficient communication processes between the company, caregiver, and family.

A new structure of business along with cutting-edge software will allow for effective communication, collaboration with other members of your health care team, and patient-centered care based on a coordinated plan of care. This knowledge-focused structure will not only create improved family satisfaction but effectively work toward positive patient quality health outcomes.

Over the next few months, we will further detail this plan for success and start implementing our plan for the future of pediatric home health care. Stay tuned!