Promoting from Within: Meet Our New Central Office Team

eKidzCare values our employees, and when positions become available, we prefer to promote from within. In the new year, we’ve seen many internal promotions and want to celebrate these integral members of the eKidzCare team. During the month of January, we’ll feature our internal promotions to celebrate our colleagues in their success.

Our company took a drastic turn in 2021. eKidzCare switched its model by creating centralized departments to manage the day-to-day operational functions generally served by each individual location. The transition was made possible by the ongoing dedication of three individuals — Heather Streczywilk, Business Development Director; Amy Kozalla, Authorization Manager; and Jennifer Kneeland, Scheduling/Payroll Manager. They played a crucial role in the success and development of our new model, and they also provided ongoing support to ensure the model serves our pediatric population to the best of our abilities.

Heather Streczywilk, RN

As the Business Development Director, Heather Streczywilk, RN, assists offices in marketing strategies, patient/family retention, and employee appreciation/retention. Heather works with each individual office to find and prepare new referrals for admission, manages Department of Health regulations, and maintains policies and procedures with the Central Office to collect authorizations and staff the new referrals in a timely manner.

When asked about her role, Heather said, “I’m loving my new position, and I am very excited to have all of the company changes flow together into 2022 so we can come together this year to strengthen our company and all work together as a team!”

Heather is approaching her 10-year anniversary with eKidzCare. She started her career in the Meadville office and was quickly promoted into management, where she strengthened her office as one of the most notable in the organization. This strong team and office proved to be the best location for the new Central Office.

Amy Kozalla

As the Authorization Manager for eKidzCare’s new Central Team, Amy Kozalla will evaluate all current and potential client needs to ensure they are receiving services that work best for them.  “I enjoy working with my team to maximize the amount of coverage we are able to offer our families,” said Amy, who has been with eKidzCare for nearly 10 years. “ Throughout the years I have learned so much from my management team, and I am grateful for the opportunities they have given me.”

In discussing her team in the Central Office, Amy said, “The Authorization Team has been working very hard to do the best job possible for our families, and I appreciate all their hard work since the implementation of the Central Team in 2021. It is wonderful to work with a team that values the work that we do for our families.”

Jen Kneeland

As the Scheduling/Payroll Manager, Jen Kneeland manages the Central Office team that oversees and processes employee scheduling and payroll for all eKidzCare offices — including assistance with our sister company, ePeople Healthcare.

Jen joined eKidzCare as a Coordinator in 2015. In the last seven years, she has found great success in leading teams, which secured her management role today. “I am honored to be in the position I am, and I’m excited to work with my amazing team to help make sure our patients have the care they need. I look forward to seeing the amazing things we can accomplish with our new structure,” said Jen.

Once again, congratulations to Heather, Amy, and Jen on their promotions! We value your hard work and could not imagine better people to lead these teams in our new Central Office.

Want to learn more about our Central Office? Stay tuned next month as we begin a new feature where we highlight each of our amazing eKidzCare offices on a recurring basis.