Promoting from Within: Meet Our New Credentialing Specialists

eKidzCare values our employees, and when positions become available, we prefer to promote from within. In the new year, we’ve seen many internal promotions and want to celebrate these integral members of the eKidzCare team. During the months of January and February, we’ll feature our internal promotions to celebrate our colleagues in their success.

As part of the eKidzCare business model revitalization in 2021, we created a team to manage the credentialing verification process expediting the time from hire to working for a nurse or aide, called the Credentialing Specialists. They ensure our external nurses maintain current credentials and licenses to work legally in their field. Today, we are pleased to announce the promotion of two Credentialing Specialists, Melitza McAdoo and Cassie Twyman.

Micki McAdoo

Melitza (Micki) McAdoo started with eKidzCare in 2021 as an Employee Relations Coordinator in our Meadville office. Her successful experience in Employee Relations made for a perfect transition when she joined the Credentialing Team as one of only two Specialists. When speaking about her new role, Micki said, “This role is a combination of everything I love and have done for a living throughout the years. How lucky am I? I truly enjoy helping others so they, in turn, can provide great patient care. I always look forward to working with my team to be as efficient as possible. The direction in which we are headed, together as a team and company, is exciting!”

Cassie Twyman

Cassie Twyman joined the eKidzCare team in 2020 as a Human Resources Coordinator in our Lancaster office. Her experience in the Lancaster office served as a great start to later being promoted as a Credentialing Specialist. In this role, Cassie will assist in organizing, coordinating, and fulfilling various tasks associated with field staff credentialing. This includes keeping up-to-date with state and federal healthcare program requirements, tracking and maintaining employee credential records, and other tasks deemed necessary to ensure all required credentials for field staff are in good standing.

“I’m excited to be able to work with more offices and co-workers I haven’t had the pleasure to work with yet,” said Cassie. “I’m looking forward to helping each office grow on the east side of Pennsylvania, advancing my communication methods, and broadening my overall knowledge of credentialing. I can’t wait for what this year has in store for me!”

Once again, congratulations to Micki and Cassie! These new roles will help in furthering the processing time for new nurses and aides and help with organizational structure for eKidzCare.